Cloudy day in Malibu


The cloudy and cool weather enticed Amy and me to drive to Leo Carrillo State Park Beach in Malibu. It was sprinkling for a few minutes, no big deal.

Instead of waiting to process the photo in Lightroom, I decided to choose this one for Camera+, while I’m on the beach.

Happy Sunday.

Lake Havasu vacation with Amy, Part 1

In July last year, I went to Lake Havasu with my girlfriend, Amy, on our first vacation together. We did our best to deal with the heat, and it was relaxing to spend time with her.

These photos are from our first day in Lake Havasu. Amy was a trooper to watch me take random photos around London Bridge, and I think I was drenched from the heat after thirty minutes. (Someone asked if I was from around there. Oh, aren’t you clever?)

Thanks to the kindness of a tourist taking our photo by the bridge, I made an appearance in one of the photos. 🙂

Geeky side note: I was considering excluding a couple photos to feature at the top of this post, leading into the gallery below, but the photo carousel for is really slick, so I’ll just leave it as is.

Hello, Philadelphia

After I got back from my trip to Philadelphia and New York City in October 2010, posting photos took a back seat. I’ve meant to move on with my newest photos here without worrying about cross-posting on Flickr (I’m not active there anymore), so I’ll just continue from when I last posted a fresh photo here (Meet Brian).

I took this photo outside the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art on my first day photowalking around Philadelphia. I didn’t run up the stairs. Walking all over town wore me out. 🙂

(If you’re interested, here’s the Exif info.)