Dedicated fans from San Diego

While waiting two hours in line for The Mars Volta concert at the Ventura Theatre, I met Chaz and Danielle.

This cute couple drove from San Diego. That’s dedication!

Chaz and Danielle let me catch a few precious moments of them. Very cool.

I gave them my card in case they wanted me to send them prints.

You can see this and two more on Flickr.

What about that guy?

What about that guy?

Some funny comments from Flickr:

“She’s keeping her options open.” – kajatl

“Considering that he had all the imagination to take her to CPK, I kind of get it.” – cinemafia

In any case, I think you’re asking for it when you wear shirts (or outfits) like this. Don’t be offended. It’s a compliment – I think. 🙂

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