I need a ride home

I had to go to Citrus College for more transcript work, so I parked in a convenient store parking lot nearby to avoid the $5 day pass. Then I walked to the admissions building.

They told me that it would still take awhile, despite paying the $10 rush processing fee. Idiots!

I stormed out, but had a complete lapse of memory and forgot where I parked. I was really drowsy. I wandered for a few minutes, then bumped into Jordan. That was random, especially since he’s never attended Citrus. Perhaps he was working on Respond Clothing stuff. He forgot where he parked, too, so I told him I’d drive him to his car once I found mine.

I remembered my TomTom GPS unit inside my backpack, so I followed it to my parking spot. (I know that’s not possible unless I made that spot a favorite, but whatever.)

Shock and anger leapt towards me, its arms embracing my torso, obstructing my breathing.

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