Mini-Review: Sennheiser CX300 Earphones

A few weeks ago, I bought Sennheiser CX300 earphones to replace my pricey Shure E2c in-earphones. Wait, why? The cord that wraps around the ears frayed out. It’s the second time it happened, and my warranty has run out.

I knew I’d be taking a hit in quality, but I just needed to isolate myself from the sounds of the subway, light rail, and people chatting loudly on their cell phones.

Once I stuck them in my ears, I was able to zone out just like before. Wailing babies? What babies? I can’t hear the random preacher on the subway. The sounds of Nine Inch Nails, The Mars Volta, or Rx Bandits engulfed me.

Verdict: the Sennheiser CX300 earphones are a fantastic, cost-effective, and necessary replacement to basic earphones supplied with MP3 players.

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