Photographing my first wedding

Prelude: I wrote the basic outline of this blog post several days after the wedding. However, I didn’t complete my thoughts until now, 44 days after the wedding.

Last August, I received an email from Noel Besuzzi[1. I went to school with her brother, PJ.].  She expressed how much she loves my editing style and asked if I’d photograph a wedding with her. For me, it was a no-brainer. I’d get experience, expand my portfolio, and earn some money.

My overall experience was very positive. Everyone was friendly and cooperative. The staff at Black Gold Golf Club (Yorba Linda) was awesome and knew the best locations for the post-ceremony formals. The food was delicious and the music selection brought out the dancers.

Best of all: Noel is easy-going…just like she said she was! She’s receptive to ideas, and I could basically do whatever I want.

Should I talk about the day chronologically? Nah.

Here’s what I learned from the first wedding I’ve photographed:

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