Flickr's People in Photos

I’m glad Flickr finally released People in Photos. It’s a feature that Facebook and Myspace had for a while.

Tip: If you write generous keywords on all of your photos, especially of people, you can label people in bulk.

  1. Head to Flickr Organize.
  2. Click more options and search for the person by tags only.
  3. Select all.
  4. Drag up to the batch area.
  5. Click Add People near the top[1. Fourth item from the left.].

I figured this out after going through my 100th page. Better late than never.

Los Angeles Flickr Meetup – February 21, 2009

Because it's too easy
[View on Flickr]

This Saturday, I’ll be attending a huge photowalk (meetup) with the Los Angeles Flickr Group.

You don’t need the latest SLR camera. Any camera will do. Just come and hang out!

As a bonus, there’s going to be a few prizes:

  • 1st Prize: 1-yr Flickr Pro Account
  • 2nd Prize: Starbucks Gift Card
  • 3rd Prize: Starbucks Gift Card
  • Best in Film Category: A Holga Camera

See you there!

More details at the discussion thread, including the map, rules, and fine print

Unsure about renewing Flickr Pro membership

Back to a Flickr free account

I don’t feel confident in paying another $24.95 for a year of Flickr Pro.

These recent posts regarding Flickr aren’t comforting.

In addition, I keep hearing stories of photographers getting their photo(s) swiped by some organization/company without permission. The latest is from my friend, Noel Kleinman, where his boy, Jack, and President Obama was inserted into a newsletter.

I know it isn’t Flickr or Yahoo’s job to police. But, why doesn’t Flickr display the copyright information in a prominent location? Why is it in the same font and color as the other additional information?

I have a Premium Zenfolio account[1. Use my referral code for a $5 discount: 8E1-4V5-FH4] for my photos (Bryan Villarin Photography), so I don’t need Flickr for image hosting.

However, I’ve kept with Flickr because I can’t beat the traffic and community that it brings to photographers.

Until someone gives me a compellling reason, why should I patronize a company that seems to scoff its users?

Flickr Meetup in Long Beach this Saturday

Need to dedicate time to take photos? This would be an awesome opportunity! This Saturday, December 13th, the Los Angeles Flickr group will be meeting in Long Beach at 3:00pm to photowalk, and you can hang out as long as you want.

We’ll walk around Shoreline Village, Rainbow Harbor, Pine Street, and other points of interest as time allows. We definitely want to catch a sunset and nosh on some tasty food.

I’ll be staying until 6:00pm, but you probably won’t miss me — the group is chock full of awesome photographers to hang out with. 😉

One more thing: don’t be intimidated to bring a point-and-shoot camera! Until I bought a digital SLR camera, that’s all I used for five years.

Swap cell numbers with some of us if you’re coming, m’kay? (My cell number is on my contact page, but tell me yours because I don’t answer numbers I don’t recognize.)

Full details

Behind on viewing Flickr contacts

I’m overwhelmed with so many awesome Flickr friends and contacts. If you don’t upload photos on a regular basis, you’ll get shoved into page two.

I wish Flickr had a RSS feed for all your contacts. Can’t they integrate Yahoo Pipes with Flickr somehow?

It’s tedious to create imaginary friends on FriendFeed.

I guess I need to open each of my contacts’ photostreams, click the “Latest feed” RSS link, then organize it in Google Reader.

You can slap me for whining if there’s no other way. But, do you know something about this that I don’t?

Untitled Gallery opening in Los Angeles tonight

I’m going to support my participating friends from the Los Angeles Flickr Group in their opening reception by attending the Untitled Gallery. Come and hang out!

Use Flickr!

The last time I talked about Flickr was about two weeks ago. Due to a conversation I just had with a friend, I’ll write about it again.

James Ume. posted pictures from Japan onto his MSN Space. Sunday night, I viewed it in Firefox, and basically had to look through all his pictures. There wasn’t a way to pick and choose from thumbnails. I saw them all anyways (and he took a lot of pictures).

Today, he told me to view them in Internet Explorer. Apparently, Firefox isn’t supported. In IE, was able to see thumbnails at the bottom, and could pick and choose pictures.

Why do I like Flickr? Because it just works. It’s currently the best thing I’ve used. Free MSN Spaces offers 30MB/month, and free Flickr offers 20MB/month; but if it’s the best tool to use anyway, wouldn’t you use it?