The horse head

I recorded the following 28-second video on February 29, 2012 — it’s funny. Heads up: there’s some profanity. Thanks to Hanni for being a good sport!

Here’s the context1:

Hey Hanni, or greetings from Core Happy - February 29, 2012 (Tybee Island, GA) — Hanni was arriving that day, and someone on Core Happy brought a horse head. We decided to place it in her bed for fun. I think she freaked out. 😉 These were the two photos I snapped.

  1. Confession: I also wanted to try the Display Posts Shortcode. ;) 

Arrested Development is hilarious!

Amy and I finally watched all episodes of Arrested Development this year, and have continued to watch them repeatedly on Netflix. It’s a riot, and very relatable.

In Season 2, Episode 10, “Ready, Aim, Marry Me!” — which features Martin Short as Uncle Jack — has me cracking up with laughter. “Eye level! Eye level!”

Guided Access for iOS and the calculator

I activated Guided Access for iOS 6 after it was mentioned in this Lifehacker post “The Secret Powers Hidden in Your iPhone’s Accessibility Options“. Pretty nifty idea!

If someone asked to use the calculator, to speed the return of my precious iPhone, I’d disable the clearing button.

Get it right the first time! 😉


While I was making breakfast this morning, Monica was walking between my legs, rubbing with each pass, meowing every so often. (Precious!) As I made coffee over the sink with my back turned to her, she leapt and tried to paw claw her way towards my shoulders — like the first couple months of her youth — as if she were T-1000 chasing a police car in Terminator 2! I stifled a painful squeal and side stepped a couple feet to my left, and she ran away into the living room.

Mawage (The Princess Bride)

While helping Amy arrange a photo book from our time in San Francisco a little over a month two months ago, I remembered showing her the wedding scene from The Princess Bride. Peter Cook was fantastic as The Impressive Clergyman. This is relevant because we’re including the quote from that scene on the back cover. Boom!

(By the way, Amy hasn’t seen this movie. Yet.)

net_work rocks

If you’re looking for hilarious entertainment, watch a few episodes of net_work by Black20 and you’ll be hooked. The vortex of dry humor and confusion drew me in right from the start.

From the net_work page at Black20:

Forget what you know about sitcoms. Forget what you know about the way stories are supposed to go. net_work is office comedy for a new generation.

It’s two Internet video producers and the strange world that surrounds them. It’s business unusual.

The only two things you can expect of net_work are: Mike will be Mike, and Michael will be Michael.

One of my early favorites is “Separates,” which was back in Season 1. (They’re currently in Season 4.),baseURL:'',playList:type:'jpg',url:'',name:'image',type:'flv',url:'',initialScale:'fit',bufferLength:3,controlBarBackgroundColor:'#FFFFFF',showMenu:true,controlsOverVideo:'no',useHwScaling:true,useNativeFullScreen:true,autoBuffering:false,autoPlay:true,autoRewind:true,loop:false

You’re welcome. 🙂