Birthday gift: A new audio receiver for my car

Amy went to a local audio system installer and surprised me with a Pioneer DEH-X6600BT, along with an appointment.

My cassette tape adapter broke several years ago, and I didn’t want to deal with another FM transmitter. Those never worked well.

Of course, since my commute is super short (20 feet), getting an MiFi–compatible audio receiver wasn’t a priority.

Now, it’s super fun listening to the music I want, on–demand, without CDs.

I can finally enjoy Rdio in my car. If Amy and I had a long drive, I can import a movie into iTunes, sync to my iPhone, and orient the windshield mount in landscape.

Oh! There’s a small microphone mounted on my rear view mirror for phone calls via Bluetooth. If I get a phone call, I won’t need my iPhone earbuds, especially since Amy said the sound quality was really good when we tested it.

Thank you so much, Amy! 🙂

Goodie #2: LG Dare

The LG Dare - my new cell phone

I committed to the LG Dare for two years, which arrived earlier this week.

My previous LG VX8600 was pretty messed up. The front screen was unusable and the battery wouldn’t last more than 10 hours on standby.

I like Apple’s iPhone, but I’m sticking to my guns of the better network (Verizon Wireless). Plus, the majority of my friends are on the same network.

I’ll write my thoughts on the phone in a couple weeks.

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Goodie #1: Dell 22-inch LCD Widescreen Monitor

After waiting most of Saturday[1. Around 3:00pm.], FedEx arrived with my first of three goodies: a Dell 22″ S2209W LCD Widescreen Monitor.[2. Not enough money for a 24″ monitor, nor enough desk space.]

I unpacked the box, made sure it came with everything, then assembled it to replace my old Neovo F-417 17″ monitor with it.

Whoa. *in my Neo voice*

I went into Lightroom to play a slideshow of processed photos. Compared to my previous monitor, it looks incredible. Processing photos is going to be much more pleasant.

I also watched an episode of “House, M.D.Yay, widescreen! I’m definitely not going to mind watching videos on my computer.

Now what to do with my old monitor? Bring it to work because I still have a gigantic CRT monitor, or sell it for $40?

Off topic: An AT&T technician is supposed to come on Monday to check the wiring outside my apartment. Yes, I’m still without DSL at home. I typed this from my laptop at Panera.

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