My vacation in Hawaii

Let them embrace you
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The check-in, flight, landing, and luggage pick-up was smooth. Continental Airlines rocks pretty well, especially with the in-flight entertainment and frequent drinks.

After my uncle picked us[1. Leslie (my cousin), Juan (her boyfriend) and I] up from Honolulu Int’l, we got lunch at Zippy’s before going to his house. Ate, unpacked and settled in for a bit. (Onebag’s method of packing works, too! I barely had wrinkles.)

We drove Jason[2. Leslie’s brother] to his friend’s house because they were working on some slideshow stuff for his party on Saturday. The majority of my photos from this day were while driving around.

When we got back, we helped make tiny boxes that would hold candy for parting gifts on Saturday.

Sleep happened early for us since we were three hours ahead.

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