3 of 52 – My Surrounding Neighborhoods

Admiration and wonder

Week: 3/52
Neighborhood: Jewelry District (Los Angeles)

A three-exposure HDR of Pershing Square.

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You can follow everyone’s progress at the Photography Collaboration Project Group or with a search for the tag PCP:MNYN on Flickr.

This photo is part of my 2009 52 Week Project: My Surrounding Neighborhoods.

Six minutes until the next one

Six minutes until the next one (284/366)

I lingered further at the Wilshire and Normandie station, not realizing there was an interesting mural. It felt like an HDR opportunity.

I’m happy with the sharpness and minimal ghosting in this HDR attempt. It helped that the people at the bottom of the frame didn’t move.

Three handheld exposures with my Canon EOS 40D at 1/40, 1/10, and 1/2 seconds – f/4.0, ISO 800, 18mm

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Sporting his wide angle lens

Sporting his wide angle lens

I photowalked with Cody Mendoza around Temple City a few weeks ago. At one point, he started taking photos in this pose. I loved how the clouds looked behind him. I asked him to hold it, and snapped three exposures to make this handheld-HDR[1. What is HDR?].

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