Upgrading to HTC Droid Incredible

Nineteen months with an LG Dare (dumb phone) is over. While I was considering waiting for the Apple iPhone coming to Verizon Wireless, I decided to go with the HTC Droid Incredible (Android OS).

I’m glued to Google Voice and my life is in Google Calendar. I also have a Gmail account, but my primary email account (IMAP) is through my web host, Media Temple.

Of course, open source software is big plus.

I’m aware of the awesome Apple iOS apps, but I also see lots of good ones for Android. I won’t necessarily install a lot of Android apps, but it’s nice to have the option.

Most importantly, I still don’t want to leave the Verizon Wireless network.

Over these next two days, I’m importing, consolidating, purging, and organizing my contacts into Google Contacts with tips from:

I’m also looking forward to:

  • a better camera phone, along with the ability to upload full-res photos to Flickr[1. The LG Dare resizes photos before sending.].
  • Pandora Radio (or Slacker Radio, suggested by a friend because of caching)
  • sync plain text files with Dropbox (e.g. future blog post ideas, reference)
  • access to Remember The Milk anywhere
  • the ability to write and post [on my blogs] from anywhere, without a desktop or notebook computer
  • Google Maps

Yes, I have an 10GB Apple iPod (3rd Gen). And a DSLR camera. And paper. And my Kindle.

At the end of the day, I’m just a geek.

Oh, I ordered the HTC Droid Incredible from AmazonWireless for $0.01 with free two-day shipping. They check your account upgrade date. Their purpose (my emphasis added):

AmazonWireless is a new website by Amazon.com that offers cell phones and wireless plans, easy shopping without rebate hassles, and FREE two-day shipping.