One year of marriage

Amy and I have been married for one year, two months, and 26 days. It’s been amazing to share our lives together, and we’ve learned so much about ourselves.

Our big goal is to get out of debt. We continue to have fun budgeting once a week — it’s really fun! At the current rate we’re putting towards debt, we’ll be debt–free in just under nine months from now. Incredible! It’ll be excellent to reach Baby Step 3 with the Total Money Makeover.

I’m looking forward to many more years with my sweetheart!

Mawage (The Princess Bride)

While helping Amy arrange a photo book from our time in San Francisco a little over a month two months ago, I remembered showing her the wedding scene from The Princess Bride. Peter Cook was fantastic as The Impressive Clergyman. This is relevant because we’re including the quote from that scene on the back cover. Boom!

(By the way, Amy hasn’t seen this movie. Yet.)

Why I went to San Francisco

A few weeks ago, Amy and I drove to San Francisco to elope. That’s right, we’re married! If you haven’t seen either of us in person, feel free to shower us with virtual hugs, kisses, and pats on the back. 🙂

Photos from San Francisco are on the way, especially since my wife (wow!) wants to use them to create a photo book.