1 of 52 – My Surrounding Neighborhoods

Don't pop

Week: 1/52
Neighborhood: Newport Beach

I went on a Newport Beach photowalk with Brian Auer, Cody Mendoza, Jay Edwards, and Chris Lin. Right before sunset, an old man was making giant bubbles by the pier. Some jerk kids would run to pop them right away, and others would stare in awe.

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You can follow everyone’s progress at the Photography Collaboration Project Group or with a search for the tag PCP:MNYN on Flickr.

This photo is part of my 2009 52 Week Project: My Surrounding Neighborhoods.

Strolling around Balboa Pier

Strolling around Balboa Pier

Taken on expired Kodak Elite Chrome 100 with a Minolta SRT-Super equipped with a 135mm f/2.8 lens. The film was cross processed.

Thanks to Brian Auer for letting me use his camera, then developing and scanning the film.

Other photos from this photowalk at Balboa Island

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