Roscoe's in Pasadena

Jeanne Jones Omelette

Labor day 2009, I went with a bunch of friends[1. Mostly from our weekly poker night crew.] to Roscoe’s House of Chicken & Waffles in Hollywood. (Photos) I think it was more fun and memorable because we took public transportation.

This year, Taylor sent the same peeps[2. Did I just say peeps?] a text message, wondering if we’d want to go again. While only five of us went to Pasadena this year, it was still good times.

Apply syrup liberally (2)

Roscoe's (Labor Day 2010)

I'm done Nom'ing at Roscoe's

Taylor and Dan not pictured, mainly because they were sitting right next to me.

Sneak peek: Ginger and Joe

I wanted to share a few shots from Ginger and Joe’s wedding on October 18th, 2009. Even though I wasn’t feeling 100%, I’m stoked with the images we were able to create.

Oh, and a Damon D’Amato sighting![1. Actually, Damon offered to be a second shooter. It was very generous of him. Thanks!]

Ernesto and Alex

I went to No Future Café last night because I’ve been feeling horrible the past couple days.

I overheard Ernesto and Alex talking about finding a drummer. They’re in a band and still in high school. (Ugh, that made me feel old. Whatev.)

We talked throughout the show about music and being in a band. They told me about their musical background, plus they play an acoustic set once a week locally.

I made sure to give them our demo and my card.

Very cool guys. I hope to see them perform live sometime soon — as long as they get back to me!

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Photowalk around Old Town Pasadena

Copy and pasted from this Flickr thread I started:

I’ve got all day to chill before our 9PM gig at Old Towne Pub (Pasadena, CA).

Would anyone like to meet at 5:30pm?

I’ve mapped a ?2.7 mile route at Google Maps.

We don’t have to walk that route!

For those who rely on Metro, Memorial Park Station might be a good meeting place.

That would give us 90 minutes before sunset. We could walk around that area, and even get some night photography in.

Depending on where we are, I’d want to be at Old Towne Pub at 8:15pm (just so I’m not in a rush). Perhaps we could dine at a place nearby.

If you’d like to stay for our show at 9pm, you know we’d love the fans! (Note: You need to be 21+ to get into Old Towne Pub.)

I’m just throwing it out there.

I’m not sure about parking. I personally need to find a spot close enough for me to lug my bass and amp to Old Towne Pub.

Let me know if you’re down by leaving a comment here or through my contact page. Otherwise, have a great weekend!

A photo session with the Parra family, thanks to Twitter

Parra Family
The Parra Family — Stephen, Lara and Diana

If it weren’t for Gaby (@geefunk on Twitter), Diana (@deeahnah) wouldn’t have randomly added me to her friends list. In turn, I wouldn’t have offered to take her family Christmas photos.

After a week of sporadic direct messages, we met at Brookside Park in Pasadena. They were very nice and friendly, making it easy to capture photos like this[1. Did I mention that I haven’t met them before? This was such a relief!]. After about 40 minutes, it was getting too cold and we stopped — I took 331 photos.

Hey Stephen and Diana, thanks for choosing me as your photographer for the afternoon! It was fun!

P.S. Stephen is also on Twitter (@acts86).

Please contact me if you’d like a family photo session.