Photographer harassment and rights discussion on KPFK Los Angeles

Fellow photographers, Shawn Nee (Discarted) and Thomas Hawk will be on the radio at Digital Village (KPFK 90.7 FM) today (Saturday, March 7, 2009) at 10:00am.

Peter Bibring of the ACLU will also be there.

If you can’t listen to the show live, wait for it in their archives.


Shawn helped organize the photowalk/rally near the US Bank Tower in Downtown Los Angeles in late January. As for Thomas, he just takes so many photos that it’s inevitable for him to get harassed. (Someone tells me that I might be the next Thomas Hawk regarding photographer harassment. Oh noes.)

I know this is late, but if you have any points you’d like to bring up, you should post them in this Flickr discussion group thread.

Encounters at the Photographers’ Rights Protest in LA

Unjustified intimidation

After getting harassed at the US Bank Tower last Thursday, Shawn helped organize an impromptu protest for Sunday.

From Pershing Square, we walked up 5th Street toward the US Bank Tower. At this point, I was with Shawn Nee, David Sommars and Angelo Pacella.

Summary and transcription at the Gas Company Tower

Our first confrontation was almost immediate, occurring in front of the Gas Company Tower (Google Maps). The first SG was a older man with a New York accent. What follows is my transcription of the confrontation, along with an audio recording (download here).

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Los Angeles Photographers' Rights Protest this Sunday at 2pm

Following up my getting harassed at the US Bank building in Downtown Los Angeles, Discarted sent an email to several other photographers and posted on Flickr that we would protest.

This Sunday (1/18/2009) at 2pm, we’re going to meet at Pershing Square and walk to the US Bank building to protest, take photos and educate people. Of course, there are many buildings around the area that we’ll photograph and most likely get harassed.

In addition to your camera, bring video cameras or audio recorders (if you have any) to document any confrontation(s).

Mentally prepare yourself. Understand and stand up for your rights. Photography is not a crime.

Update 1/21/2009 4:15pm: I shouldn’t have worded my post this way. I’d like to clarify that our primary goal was to take photos. If we got harassed, then we’d have the necessary tools needed to document the incident.

Harassed at the US Bank building in Los Angeles

While getting harassed in front of the US Bank building
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January 15th, 2009 at 5:27pm, we were harassed by the security of the US Bank building for about five minutes.

I haven’t been harassed about taking photos in awhile, but when Maxwell1 wanted to go photowalking in the area around Civic Center and Pershing Square, I knew it’d happen.

For the record, the building(s) are incredibly visible in Google Maps using Street View.

A minute after Maxwell was up the stairs, as predicted, a security guard (Robert) came outside to confront us. The usual spiel spewed forth.

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