Foxy Loxy Cafe

Since sipping several shots* of espresso at PERC Coffee wasn’t enough, on the drive back to Tybee Island, we stopped at Foxy Loxy Print Gallery and Cafe—which was also in Savannah—for treats and more caffeine. Their baked goods and espresso drinks were delectable! (Seriously. The Foxy Brownie. Wow.)

*Yay alliteration!

Buying prints from your favorite photographers

When Jim posted this photo project, I knew I had to participate. Without the inspirational photographers, I’d be in a world of hurt.

Brian Auer is one of the first photographers that I thought of. He’s such a trooper, willing to drive long distances just to photowalk. Plus, he’s an awesome friend who has always been willing to help me with whatever photography questions I have.

I asked Brian if we could swap prints and…he was planning on asking me already. Hilarious!

I scoured his Flickr photostream. I had several selections, but after a lot of thought, I chose “Wide Open” for my first print.

“Wide Open” by Brian Auer – View on Flickr

Look at that. Glorious! Of course, it doesn’t compare to a print.

I asked him for a 10″ by 15″ print because I knew the cost of framing would get ridiculous exponentially. Rather than mailing it, we scheduled a photowalk so he could deliver it personally. I had Mpix send the print directly to him, but he wanted it signed.

Which of my photos did he want?

Like a herd o' cattle
“Like a herd ‘o cattle” by Bryan Villarin – View on Flickr
Buy this print

After our Venice Beach photowalk, we went back to Brian’s car so he could give me his print. I also signed my print. There’s something euphoric about signing a print, I’m not sure why.

Nathaniel and Jay were also there because their car was nearby — they loved how the prints looked.

I talked to a few other photographers about swapping prints, especially the ones at that photowalk. Money is tight, but this won’t be my last print.

Remember – “It’s not a photo until it’s a print.”

Thanks for bring this project to our attention, Jim!