Bellarios at Steamers

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Last night, Bellarios (above: Scottie Larios and Andrew Belleci) came to Steamers in Sierra Madre to perform for our college group. They sounded amazing.

I got to Steamers early enough so I could hang out with them. I talked to Scottie more than Andrew[1. He was Ryan’s friend back in Fresno.], discussing music, the difficulties of the business, sponsors[2. And how they stink because unless you’re an amazing musician, you still have to pay for most of the equipment anyway.], and the craziness of life. What’s cool is that these two guys act the same way – mellow and down-to-earth, on and off the stage.

Hey guys, thanks for driving all the way from Fresno, to Ryan Dahlstrom for inviting such cool cats, and for Steamers for staying open later just for us. 🙂

See the Flickr photoset from the evening