Done with Sensor Swabs from Photosol

After receiving no response from Photographic Solutions, Inc via email for a simple question after 2 business days[1. The question: “Is Eclipse E2 safe for a Canon EOS 20D?” Also, it’s technically four business days now and still no reply. Bad form!] — and realizing that $2.92/swab is really expensive[2. Price is $35 at the time of this writing] — I ordered Copper Hill QuikStrips.

I choked it by overlooking that a single order of QuikStrips doesn’t include a SensorSwipe. You can only get that with one of the packages and I don’t need Eclipse solution. I emailed Copper Hill Images and Nicholas included it for $10 extra. That was a close one!

A 100-pack of QuikStrips is $8.95 with free shipping. I won’t have to buy a SensorSwipe[3. Again, assuming that it doesn’t break.], so aside from the sensor cleaning solution, that’s $0.09/pad.

Suggestion: I think they should sell the SensorSwipe by itself (or bundled with QuikStrips) for those who are in my position.

Lastly, the shipment from Virginia arrived here in California in two days with USPS Priority Mail. Very cool. I don’t think UPS Ground would’ve been as fast. (Copper Hill Images – Shipping information)

I’ll happily clean my sensor tomorrow. (I guess that means there will be part two: reviewing QuikStrips from Copper Hill Images.)

P.S. Before you ask, I’ve taken my camera to Canon in Irvine to get cleaned. No thanks, I’ll do it myself.

Update 2010-03-19 — This morning, I finally got a reply via email from Photographic Solutions 11 business days later. Horrible.