What about that guy?

What about that guy?

Some funny comments from Flickr:

“She’s keeping her options open.” – kajatl

“Considering that he had all the imagination to take her to CPK, I kind of get it.” – cinemafia

In any case, I think you’re asking for it when you wear shirts (or outfits) like this. Don’t be offended. It’s a compliment – I think. 🙂

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Longer than a glance

Longer than a glance (283/366)

I love and hate Myrtle Avenue in Monrovia. It’s a very mellow and safe place to hang out. The small stores and restaurants are unique. People are friendly. But, it’s eerie during the week. There’s hardly any people around.

It’s basically the opposite of Los Angeles or Hollywood, which I’ve grown more accustomed to. I like the subject-rich environment – at the expense of psychological fear from the mentally unstable wandering the streets.

When I can catch a gem like this, the lingering is worth it.

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