Someone's being owned

Someone's being owned

I took out several people at poker night [a few weeks ago]. Taylor was the only one left.

Before we continued, I asked him if he’d hold still for a couple seconds.

I ended up taking his 10 chips (shown above). Then, he bought back in for another 50 chips[1. Each chip is worth $0.10. C’mon, we’re struggling students.] hoping for a comeback.

He failed. 🙂

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Katie Alidadi

Katie (312/366)

Katie is a Public Counsel staff attorney for the Early Care & Education Law project. Like me, she takes advantage of the Metro Rail system. (It helps that work covers the cost.)

While talking and walking with her to the subway station, I offered to take portraits of her with her newborn boy that’ll be due in a month or so. I’m excited for her and her husband.

Before we boarded, I asked if I could take a portrait of her for my photo of the day – I’m glad she obliged. 🙂

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What about that guy?

What about that guy?

Some funny comments from Flickr:

“She’s keeping her options open.” – kajatl

“Considering that he had all the imagination to take her to CPK, I kind of get it.” – cinemafia

In any case, I think you’re asking for it when you wear shirts (or outfits) like this. Don’t be offended. It’s a compliment – I think. 🙂

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