Mini-Review: PG Tips Black Tea

A friend at work sent an “all staff” email, announcing the arrival of PG Tips Black Tea to our General Store.

It’s a bold, strong, black tea from the UK. Strong black tea. [It’s] also called “diesel fuel” or “builder’s tea” by those who know and love it!

Treat it well — 3-5 minutes of steeping, then [remove] that lovely little pyramid bag [from] the water before it goes bitter and nasty. Milk and sugar go well with this brew.

If you drink it after 3pm, I can’t be responsible for your insomnia.

I’m not sure how to measure its strength, but it tastes good. Really good. While it won’t replace Dunkin Donuts coffee and my AeroPress, it’s a great alternative if coffee isn’t appropriate and water is too bland.

[amtap amazon:asin=B001FA1KNK]