El Ten Eleven at The Roxy

I saw El Ten Eleven at Home Restaurant in Silverlake last Friday, but it was so packed I couldn’t take decent photos. Afterward, I emailed the band to ask for a photo pass on Sunday night.

Surprisingly, Kristian Dunn replied the following morning and I had my name on the list.

I got there during Xanimo‘s set, so I took several photos of them[1. Not uploaded yet, but check back later today.]. They’re pretty funky, but I like ’em.

There was a bigger crowd for El Ten Eleven. I took about 250 photos[2. Most were similar frames from continuous burst mode.], but I think these 17 are my best photos of them.

I chatted with Kristian at their merchandise booth for a few minutes. He’s super mellow and considerate. Thirsty, he left to get a drink, but not before offering me a bottle of water. “We have a bunch of them.” Rad.

If El Ten Eleven is playing anywhere near you, see them live. They’re incredible — and touring for a month.

Thanks to Kristian Dunn for a quick reply and talking to me after the show, Tim Fogarty for being a wicked drummer, and David Vine for recommending El Ten Eleven.

Official website of El Ten Eleven


Photos of El Ten Eleven on Bryan Villarin Photography / Photos on Flickr

Update: Xanimo photos are on Flickr.