[TSP] Show at the Whisky – February 28, 2009

The Scarlet Paradigm at the Whisky (Photo by Michael Kang)
The Scarlet Paradigm at the Whisky (Photo by Michael Kang)

We (The Scarlet Paradigm) have another gig at the Whisky (West Hollywood). It’s a late one, but we’ll make it worth your time. People seem to love us, too, so come out!

Our set is next Saturday, February 28th, 2009 at 11pm, but bands start performing at 8pm. (More details and tickets)


Are you a photographer? First of all, the venue is camera friendly. We’d love to see any photos you take of us!

I could also use some company walking up and down Sunset for some street photography. (Hopefully some Flickr friends will join us.) We just have to be at sound check at 3:00pm, so we’ll probably be done around 4-4:30pm. That’s a lot of time to kill. Let me know if you can hang out, yeah?

The Scarlet Paradigm at Whisky A Go Go – 2/11/2009 9:30pm

Our band, The Scarlet Paradigm, has a show coming up.

Oh, and this one is ALL AGES. Can you dig it?!

Please buy your ticket now so we don’t have to worry about our pre-sale quota — a necessary evil as we work our way into the big time. Once we sell all these, I’ll remove the “Buy Now” link and you can just buy it from the box office the day of the show. Update 2/10/2009 – We did it! Thanks everyone! Don’t let that stop you from coming to the show, though. Let’s pack it out!

The Scarlet Paradigm is a Los Angeles rock band rooted with progressive, metal, hard, and punk rock influences. Formerly composed of the members of Phantom Scream since 2005, TSP has been equipped with a new singer since July 2008.

Looking back at 2008

Our band went from Phantom Scream to The Scarlet Paradigm by losing our singer, then finding a new one through Craigslist.

I’ve made lots of photography friends through Twitter, Flickr (specifically the Los Angeles group) and Photowalking.org (where it basically started at the end of last year).

I feel way more confident with my photography. Taking photos every day for the whole year helped immensely. Although it’s nothing to write home about, I’ve been able to monetize a little[1. Of course, that’s the definition of an amateur.].

Wicked year, right? 🙂

In a more detailed list format:


The band

Update 1/4/2009: Cody told me that I forgot to include going to Las Vegas just to take photos. My bad!

The new band

The new band
Photo by Danita Clark, post processing by Bryan Villarin

We wanted some serious photos of our band[1. For our website, Myspace, PureVolume, etc.], so Danita Clark was nice enough to drive out here and go to work[2. I did the same for her back in September, so she owed me. It was our deal since we’re both broke.]. To make things easier, she used my camera so I could process them myself.

Thanks Danita!

I would link to her, but she doesn’t have a website yet. Also, we won’t say our band name until we have at least one demo song uploaded.

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