The horse head

I recorded the following 28-second video on February 29, 2012 — it’s funny. Heads up: there’s some profanity. Thanks to Hanni for being a good sport!

Here’s the context1:

Hey Hanni, or greetings from Core Happy - February 29, 2012 (Tybee Island, GA) — Hanni was arriving that day, and someone on Core Happy brought a horse head. We decided to place it in her bed for fun. I think she freaked out. 😉 These were the two photos I snapped.

  1. Confession: I also wanted to try the Display Posts Shortcode. ;) 

Tybee Island Light Station and Museum

Tybee Island, GA

In March 2012, I took this photo during my first Automattic meetup with the Core Happiness team1. We rented a few bikes and rode around the island and beach.

Before this meetup, I had switched from an Android phone to an Apple iPhone 4s. I must’ve done some heavy editing on this photo with my phone. 😁

  1. Random fact: In August 2014, Core Happiness dissolved into smaller Happiness sub-teams.