The gimp I am

My left foot has been hurting a lot the past few days, so I’m finally going to the doctor tomorrow.

I have no idea what causes the pulsating pain. Inflammation of tendons or ligaments? (I can barely put weight on it, and I can’t point my foot toward my knee like the other one.)

Stoked for Amsterdam

I’m still awake extremely late — to add and update some things in my sidebar and custom menu — so I should probably pass out any minute now. Oh, I forgot to check in for my flight. (Thirty minutes pass.) Okay, I’m done. By the way, eBags Packing Cubes are fantastic. Get the 3-piece set. Also, I’ve decided to just bring my DSLR camera and 30mm lens, since bringing my 85mm lens, 18-55mm kit lens, and Shootsac to Tybee Island last February was a hassle. (The weather forecast in Amsterdam is dreary and rainy.) Anyway,  I can’t wait to see the team again, along with several new faces. See you in Amsterdam!

Switching to wireless delivery from Instapaper for my Kindle 3G

For months, I’ve been using Wordcycler (Windows, freeware) to manually sync individual items from Instapaper to my Kindle 3G + Wi-Fi via USB cable. Now that I have a smaller number of articles to read, I’m going to try receiving new items via Wi-Fi through Instapaper.

I’ll also start trying Instapaper’s Send to Kindle bookmarklet for immediate delivery (Account > Manage My Kindle Settings).

If this works well, it’ll be fantastic not having to connect my Kindle to my computer every few days. I’d only need to worry about charging it.

Shopping at BevMo

The other day, I went to BevMo with James to help him pickup alcohol for a party.

At checkout, the nice lady at the register says, “Wow, it looks like you’re throwing a party.”

Is there any way to buy a large amount of alcohol without looking like a bunch of college guys with generic alcoholic tastes, or is it inevitable with a low budget?

James muses that the small selection of alcohol he bought makes that look obvious.

I love Uni-ball 207 pens

I bought a few Uni-ball Signo 207 pens earlier last year. They’ve been through a hectic year (2009) of school, and they still write incredibly smooth (for the price).

Lately, I’ve been trying to write ideas on index cards for future blog posts. Oh no, the two pens I have left are almost out of ink! Fortunately, they’re refillable. I just bought a pack at my local stationary store. It feels good not adding more cheap pens to a landfill.

Oh, and if I ever write checks, I know they can’t be washed.

Tip: Medium and micro refills are interchangable. I prefer micro.