Amsterdam: the Heineken Experience

A small group of us walked to the Heineken Experience to enjoy a tour and 2.5 complimentary glasses of Heineken beer (included in the admission cost). The photos were taken with my iPhone 4S since it was raining on and off.

Special thanks to my coworker, Jenia Laszlo, for taking a couple of photos so my mom and Amy would see me. 🙂

A visit to PERC Coffee

While I was in Tybee Island a few months ago with my felllow coworkers, a handful of us (coffee lovers) joined Jane Wells to test several shots of espresso made with the Presso at PERC Coffee.

It was incredible to taste the differences with each variable modification that goes into creating each shot of espresso, and we had a great time watching Philip demonstrate using the Presso. He really knows his stuff. (I’ll just say that I’m really glad my AeroPress is easy to use.)

Thanks for taking the time to chat with us, Philip. Keep on roasting! 🙂